Red Kite Tele Sales | Telesales
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Telesales is very different from any other form of Telemarketing and requires a different skill set along with the ability to recognize “buy” signals and influence the buyer to actually pay for your product or service, whilst making them believe that they are in control and making the decision on their terms. We work with you to create a sellable package of your product / service, and provide you with detailed feedback from the target market.

Benefits for you!

The benefits of selling your proposition over the phone are huge in terms of cost savings, profit enhancement, cash flow, reduced overheads and scalable expansion. By adopting an outsourced telesales process you are in control of your sales team budget. You are not paying wages for staff that are on holiday or at the slow parts of the year. You make huge savings on company vehicles and fuel and the time and money saved in the day to day management, recruitment and training are substantial.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.