Red Kite Tele Sales | Lead Generation
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Lead Generation


The quality of the continual stream of sales leads is critically important to you and your sales team in supporting them to achieve their sales targets. How do we ensure the consistent quality of sales leads?


Every client is different and has a personalized range of criteria they need fulfilling to give them the best opportunity of converting the lead into a sale. We use the skills and passion of our telemarketers to generate leads and support them with a proven process that delivers quality results.


The starting point is building an understanding of your business, your target market, your value proposition and the key indicators that qualify a sales lead for you. We then select your dedicated telemarketer that has the best experience and skills specifically tailored to your campaign to make it as successful as possible. The sales leads generated are exclusively for your business.


Your Lead Generation campaign is then implemented which will give us real results, and in the early days the healthy feedback that we report can be used to improve your proposition if appropriate to do so.

Prospects to Qualified Leads

When we have engaged with the prospect we will enthuse them about your business and how you may be in a position to solve some of their problems. When we have qualified the needs of the prospect we will hand over the relationship to you.

Agree the Lead Generation Objectives

The leads we supply need to convert to sales, so by working with you to fully understand what type of leads you want we will achieve the best results possible. The leads can be for Appointments, Web Demo’s, Free Trials, Telesales or a combination of these dependant on your requirements.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.