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Database Enhancement


Our Process

Data is simply a list of your customers which can be broken down into different segments such as existing customers, warm customers (ones you haven’t sold to recently) and cold customers (ones you haven’t communicated with for over 6 months or longer). Prospect data is defined as potential customers you haven’t yet contacted.

Data is also the lifeblood of your business. Comprehensive, clean, accurate customer and prospect data is the prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy. It’s not surprising that warm and cold customers are the most cost effective targets for increasing sales, because they know you and have bought from you previously.

Heres a surprise

What is surprising is that many companies do not market to these customers regularly but will spend a great deal of money buying data for prospect companies which is more expensive and from a telemarketing perspective much less effective.

The fact is, that in excess of 30% of your customer base will decay each year. That’s 30% of your customers who may not receive a call from you or any of your marketing collateral. So, data cleaning and enhancement is essential for your business although it is time consuming.


We do it best!

Red Kite Telesales can pull all of your customer data together into one place, clean it and make contact with all of your warm and cold customers to re-introduce you and open the doors to new business from these sectors.

During this re-introduction we can talk about enhanced product and services, new ones or special offers and we will approach this in such a way that it isn’t flagged as a sales call. This method is also a very effective way of locking out your competitors and preventing them from taking your customer.

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